FaceBook Messenger apk

Facebook Messenger Apk Download – latest Version 2018

Messenger makes it easy for people to reach anyone instantly. Facebook Messenger is an official app designed by Facebook to let their users chat with their friends on the popular social network. It allows the users to chat but don’t charge for each message. Users can send as many messages as they like without any limit.

Facebook Messenger Apk Download For Android – Latest Version 2018

Features of Facebook Messenger Apk

FB Messenger Apk
FB Messenger Apk
  • Similar to other messaging apps, Facebook allows its users to share images, videos, location with their friends. There is an option to add many users to a group and chat with them all at a time. People can even call or video call to the other people on Facebook using VOIP. The recent update of messenger added masks and filters to the video calls.
  • Several chat windows can be opened at the same time. Each conversation can be kept in a bubble and can be placed wherever you like on your device screen. Messenger can be used simultaneously on another app. The chat head will pop up on the screen when any message arrives and you can answer directly from there and close the chat head without leaving the other app. Users can configure the message and call alerts on Facebook with the ring as well as vibration alert.
  • The most entertaining feature of Facebook Messenger is stickers. It consists of various sticker collections which add more fun to your chat. Movable stickers, stickers based on famous movies, emoticon stickers make your conversation more interesting.
  • Facebook Messenger comes in handy for the people who are using Facebook. You can stay connected with your friends from anywhere and at any time. The new update of messenger added a feature called secret conversations which can be seen in messaging apps Kik apk. You can make the messages disappear.
  • Users can even sync their messages with the messenger app which opens the chat head when a text message is received by phone. The synced messages can be accessed in one device only and cannot be seen when the account is opened on another device.
  • Another interesting feature of the messenger is adding a day. You can add the memorable moments of the day here and it appears for 24 hours similar to Whatsapp stories. Users can configure who can see the day and who cannot.
  • The last seen of friends, list of friends who are online and the time when the message was sent and received can be known using messenger. It also shows whether the message you sent has been seen by the receiver or not.
  • Facebook Messenger allows only chatting with friends and the messages sent by people who are not on your friend’s list are in message requests folder. Users can block other people on messenger only if they don’t want to receive messages from them. New games feature made the app more interesting. Users can compete with their friends and play small games.

Download & Install Facebook Messenger Apk On Android

FaceBook Messenger apk
FaceBook Messenger apk

Downloading Messenger APK is a simple task. Follow these simple steps

  • First of all, download Facebook Messenger apk from Uptodown.com
  • Allow the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device. This option can be found in privacy or security folder in most of the devices.
  • Now install the APK on your device.
  • The messenger has been installed on your device. You can log in using your Facebook account.


Additional Information

  • Name – Messenger
  • Size – 42 MB
  • Version –
  • Requirement – Android 4.0 and more
  • Downloads – 1,000,000,000+ downloads

FAQs About FB Messenger Apk,

Can I mute the notifications on Facebook Messenger and stop the chat heads from popping up?

Yes, the notifications can be muted on Facebook Messenger. The chat heads can be stopped from popping up by disabling them in the “me” section of the app.

Can I use two accounts on Messenger

Yes, Facebook Messenger gives an option to switch the accounts.

It is asking me to add my phone number when I opened it for the first time. Is it mandatory?

No adding phone number is your personal choice. There is no compulsion.



Messenger is one of the easiest and comfortable ways to connect with your friends. Although it is a messaging app, there are many advanced features in it which cannot be seen in other apps. Enjoy all the features provided by messenger on your device. Hope you downloaded Facebook messenger apk latest version for Android.

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